PiezoDrive enjoys successful partnerships with a number of institutions. Below are some comments from satisfied users who were kind enough to share their thoughts.

University of Aberdeen

Our research project required a high-speed amplifier that could drive a very large piezoelectric actuator. The PDX150 amplifier exceeded our expectations of performance and ease of use. The simple controls and compact rack-mountable configuration make it ideal for research setups.

Sumeet S. Aphale, Ph.D., MIET Centre for Applied Dynamics Research School Of Engineering, Kings College The University Of Aberdeen
Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Compared to our previous amplifiers, the PDL200 provided a large improvement in bandwidth and noise performance. The switchable voltage limit and offset function also simplified the interface to other instruments such as a bipolar digital-to-analog converter. Another important benefit of the PDL200 is the suppression of turn-on and turn-off transients that can damage an actuator.

Arnfinn Aas Eielsen Department of Engineering Cybernetics Norwegian University of Science and Technology